miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017


Calidad APE


01 - Operator (Thief On The Line)
02 - Other Love
03 - Sunset Drivers
04 - Mandela
05 - Amaretto
06 - Rit Variations II
07 - Be Good To Me
08 - I'm Not Responsible
09 - Shadow Dancing
10 - Heavenly Bodies


Acoustic,Electric and 12 String Acoustic Guitar,Synclavier – Lee Ritenour
Saxophone – Ernie Watts
Horns – Gary Grant,Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey,Larry Williams
Synthesizer – Don Grusin,Greg Mathieson,Lee Ritenour,Mike Boddicker
Synthesizer [Bass] – Greg Mathieson,Lee Ritenour
Synthesizer [Moog Bass] – Greg Mathieson
Synthesizer [Moog] – Mike Boddicker
Organ [Hammond B-3] – Greg Mathieson
Keyboards – Greg Mathieson 
Bass – Abraham Laboriel,Lee Sklar,Nathan East
Drums – Carlos Vega,Harvey Mason,Phil Collins
Percussion,Timbales – Paulinho Da Costa 
Lead Vocals – Eric Tagg,John Massaro,Patti Austin,Tom Kelly.





12 comentarios:

Opiekacz dijo...

Thanks :) do You know something similar
what can you recommend me?

Something that can be used for educational purposes
Interesting chord progressions, interesting solos(with playing "outside").

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Opiekacz,to be honest with you this Cd never has been one of my favourites,is too on the pop side for my liking.

Recommend?...Anything of the following guitar players : John Scofield,Pat Metheny,Jonathan Kreisberg,Kurt Rosenwinkel,Wayne Krantz....look for trio albums or quartets if you can.

There are also a few very interesting instruccional videos on youtube :

-John Scofield on improvisation : A master class in how to use the altered scale and play outside.
-Don Mock Jazz Chops : about how to do comping in a Jazz Blues situation.
-Pat Martino Quartal Harmony: a guide in how to minorize and the use of the disminished scale in different situations.

There is also a video of the playing stile of Wes Montgomery,althought he is from the sixties,still my favourite guitar player.

I hope the info is useful to you.Saludos,PPJZZ.

Opiekacz dijo...

Fortunately there is a difference between pop and pop :)
For example, Louis Armstrong played pop
But what in those days was pop today is called progressive ;D

While today's pop it's ...anti music.

Anyway,I asked for something simple but at the same time with artistic value,because I'm looking for something that can be used in music education as a good example of some ... harmonic phenomena.
Unusual progression, unusual scale etc
On the other hand, it can not be too advanced and difficult things.

I love Steps Ahead - Beirut ,live version

Mike Mainieri plays here better solo than on studio version.

Pure playing outside...of course sound of the whole and a set of instruments is also important.
I need something more that is very similar

To sum up,old pop has more artistic value than modern

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi I agree todays pop music is just a product....they all sound the same.

Hve you listen to Spyro Gyra???.Saludos PPJZZ

Opiekacz dijo...

Spyro Gyra - Road Scholars (1998) is good
or...Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance - 2013

pepejazzy dijo...

Have you got them???

I meant the eighties stuff like....Carnaval.....or fast forward...let me know.Saludos PPJZZ.

Opiekacz dijo...

Road Scholars and Glorious Disturbance yes,I have :)

Opiekacz dijo...

I almost forgot something :)
Do You know George Garzone?
George's guitarist on his new DVD "The Triadic Chromatic Approach"
is Chris Crocco.

I have trouble with finding albums on which Chris plays.
Maybe You can find?

pepejazzy dijo...

He is a really good guitar player...I have check youtube and I like his stile of chord melody and his sound...and the fact that he use the fender stratocaster in a jazz context make him a little different...I think Scofield use Strats every now and then....I havent found anything of Crocco yet...but I may be able to get a Cd that he recorded with Kenny Werner....see what I can do.Saludos,PPJZZ.

Opiekacz dijo...

This track is great

and this dvd is out of print :<

Opiekacz dijo...

Whole "Hemorrhage"

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Opiekacz....Sorry I could not found anything...Saludos,PPJZZ.