jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016


Calidad HD Tracks


01. The Moon 6:06
02. Lost In This Love 3:03
03. Clues 5:01
04. Pieces 5:37
05. I Could Eat Your Words 7:54
06. The Fire 4:54
07. Regular Pleasures 5:46
08. Dansons La Gigue 4:23
09. You Gotta Go Home 3:20
10. If I Were Blue 5:56


Patricia Barber - vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes
Neal Alger - guitars
Michael Arnopol - bass
Joey Baron - drums (1-4, 6-10)
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Eric Montzka - drums (5)
Cliff Colnot String Ensemble (2)


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Oleg dijo...

Hi,pepejazzy! Muchas gracias! Si usted está interesado Voy a dar enlaces directos a mis archivos. Sólo tiene que escribir. (flac image,cue,log,scans) (cloud.mail.ru, mega.nz, drive.google.com)
Al Jarreau – Accentuate The Positive (2004) & All I Got (2002)
Candy Dulfer - Saxuality (1991), Sapporo Sound Motel - Musique Noir (2006)
Cesaria Evora - Live a L'Olympia (1993), Pat Coil - Steps (1990)
David Sanchez - Street Scenes(1996), Simon Wynberg - BACH By The Sea (1995)
AMICI Forever - Defined (2005), Sergei Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto #2
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Earl Wild Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerti No. 4 & 1 (1990)
Cecilia Bartoli - The Salieri Album (2003), Emma Shapplin - El Concierto De Caesarea (2003)
Evgeny Kissin - Russian Piano School Vol.4 (2008)
Keith Jarrett - Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Buch I & II (4 CD) (1988)
Lara & Reyes ''Two Guitars - One Passion'' (1996), Paco de Lucia - Luzia (1998)
Arensky - Suites & Variations - USSR Symphony Orchestra - E.Svetlanov (2006)

pepejazzy dijo...

Hola Oleg .....pues de esto que me has puesto si me interesan algunos discos;son estos :

Al Jarreau acceuntuate the positive & all I got.
David Sanchez street scenes
Simon Wynberg Bach by the sea
Sergei Rasmaninov piano concerto 2 4 & 1
Evgeny kissin Russian puano school vol 4
Keith Jarrett dad wohltemperierye Klavier Bach 1&2

Arensky suites and Variations USSR symphony Orchestra E Svetlanov.......

Muchas gracias amigo.Saludos PPJZZ

Oleg dijo...

pepejazzy,сuriosamente, he colocado todos los enlaces y comentarios de distancia.
No sé por qué.
Puedo pasar a través de mi correo:ole-ole66@mail.ru

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Oleg For any unknwon reason My Mail doesn´t recognize your e-mail adress.

Hi Oleg once again thanks very much for the music.....they are downloading at the moment,real quick,wich is great,I just need the Password.Saludos,PPJZZ.

P.S. Just one more request....is there any russian artist who mix Jazz with tradicional russian music????....If you have something I,ll love to heard it.

Oleg dijo...

Hi, pepejazzy!Twice my comments are not saved with a password and a link. I do not understand where the Problem. The comment appears, then disappears!
Try mail: olekorsa@gmail.com

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Oleg...I have one of your comments in my Mail Box....for some unknown reason is not publish in the blogg...it contains 10 more links with rusfolder....are they th same cds that I download yesterday???(by the way the password works perfectly)or are they different ones???.Saludos,PPJZZ.

Oleg dijo...

For pepejazzy: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/EdJN/DKQ143Umb

Oleg dijo...

Ok, pepejazzy! It is good. One password for all. Links to the files, which could not show:
Good listening!