martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016


Calidad FLAC


01. Triste (10:00)
02. Like JT (11:47)
03. I Fall In Love Too Easily (4:43)
04. Blue Bossa (12:58)
05. On The Road Again (9:34)
06. Post Modern Blues (7:24)
07. Smile (5:45)
08. The Beat Goes On (5:50)
09. Summertime (6:23)


Patricia Barber - piano/vocals
Neal Alger - guitar
Larry Kohut - bass
Eric Montzka - drums


5 comentarios:

Oleg dijo...

Muchos gracias!

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Oleg...youre very welcome....thanks for the music once again....I havent have the chance to listen to very many...but I love Al Jarreau and the guitar playing of Bach by the sea....good repertoire choice.Saludos PPJZZ.

Oleg dijo...

Hola,pepejazzy! Happened to download what you want? I am glad that liked the music. I hope that after show interest someone from Russian musicians. It links a few of them. Салют!(Saludos)

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Oleg....Some years ago there was a russian guitar player who was a kind of Youtube sensation here in Spain his name is Grisha Goryachev ( late Paco de Lucia was his musical godfather and his main influence....Grisha at an early age could play,note by note,all the songs of Paco de Lucia....if you dont Know him it will be worthy to check in out.Saludos,PPJZZ.

Oleg dijo...

Well,he is a Russian virtuoso flamenco guitar player. He was born in Leningrad (USSR) and living in USA(?) now. Unfortunately,I do not have his records. Something has to "",
download. Еhe Internet can be found "MP3",if you search for "Grisha Goryachev". I have in LOSSLESS: 1.ДиДюЛя (DiDuLia from Bielorrusia, living in Moscow now),
2.Russian musician, Viktor Zinchuk (Polyot shmelya,el Condor Pasa,Toccata and Fugue...), hit the Guinness Book of Records in 2002. He first received the title of the fastest guitarist in the world. The record of his game speed on a stringed instrument - 20 notes per second.
3. Estas Tonne (he was born in the USSR,in the late 90's with his family moved to Israel. Currently he is touring the world with concerts). Amazing guitar player,amazing style of play.
You can look at "". Saludos