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Calidad FLAC

01. Night and Day (Porter) - 7:07
02. Turtle Logic (Fox) - 6:43
03. Mr. Elegant's Bow Tie (Fox) - 6:08
04. When I Cry (Fox) - 7:19
05. My Romance (Rodgers-Hart) - 6:06
06. The 39th Parallel (Fox) - 6:15
07. Gentle Rain (Bonfa) - 8:37
08. Shining Star Medley: Hay Una Mujer (Near)/Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Trad.)/Shining Star (White-Bailey-Dunn) [Mimi Fox Solo] - 8:14.

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA; Yoshi's Nitespot, Oakland, CA; Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA between June 5, 1991 and May 10, 1995.


Mimi Fox - guitar
Bill Douglass - bass
Scott Morris - drums
Susan Muscarella - piano
Andrea Haverback - piano (#1,7)
Robert Kaufman - drums (#1,7)
Noel Jewkes - soprano saxophone (#6)
Tom Peron - trumpet (#3)


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Anónimo dijo...

May be I do something wrong but I can't download the files. Captchas is running endless (firefox). I have try an another PC (chrome) but the same endless catpchas is coming.
May I need to install a particular plugin ?
Thank you

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Bob....no need to install anything ......

Everything works now,please follow this instructions :

1/ Direct to ouo.io click on to "I am Not a robot" kind of thing.
2/ Your link is almost ready,wait 3 seconds ad click on "Get Link"
3/ Close two pop-ups and then you will be direct to "File4net"
4/ Click on Download and then click on the captcha
5/ Click on continue,close one pop-up......3 minutes and you will have the file on your PC.

That is step by step...is much quicker than what its looked like.Saludos,PPJZZ