sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018


Calidad FLAC


01. "Could It Be You" (Marcus Miller) - 5:15
02. "It's Time for Love" (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) - 5:01
03. "Closer to the Source" (Leroy Hutson, Lonnie Reaves, Alfonzo Surrett) - 4:58
04. "You're No. 1 in My Book" (Dana Meyers, Wilmer Raglin Jr., Leon F. Silvers, William Zimmerman) - 4:23
05. "Iced Tea" (Vincent Fielder) - 6:21
06. "Just Before Dawn" (Delores Allen, Al Foster) - 4:54
07. "Textures" (Herbie Hancock) - 7:10


Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet
Sonny Fortune - alto saxophone
Branford Marsalis - tenor saxophone (track 2)
Barry Eastmond, Kenny Kirkland - keyboards
Hiram Bullock - guitar
Tom Barney - bass
Marcus Miller - synthesizer, bass
Stevie Wonder - synthesizer, harmonica
Buddy Williams, Tony Cintron Jr. - drums
Angel Rogers - vocals


10 comentarios:

Cri dijo...

Ola pepejazzy. the Dizzy files are not linked. Bob Mintzer stuff instead. Could you please repair.

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi Cris.....I'll do itin a couple of hours .....thanks for letting me know.Saludos PPJZZ.

Cecilio dijo...

Pepe, me fui a bajar los archivos ya que soy incondicional de Gillespie pero me pas´o lo mismo que el comentario anterior, el archivo pertenece a BOBMINTZERFORTHEMOMENT. Gracias por compartir, un abrazo desde Uruguay.

pepejazzy dijo...

Hola Cecilio....todo esta arreglado.

Hi Cri everything works perfect now.


j cline dijo...

No it's far from perfect. The files are still mixed up. It seems to work up and until the final download and there it stops and finally goes in to fault.
No, está lejos de ser perfecto. Los archivos aún están mezclados. Parece funcionar y hasta la descarga final y allí se detiene y finalmente entra en falta.
It is now stopping at same ultimate fault for all the files.

Cri dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Cri dijo...

Hola PPZZ, file 1 is OK, but file 2 is HENRYJOHNSONORGANIC.part1.rar, not Dizzy part 2. Could you please check again. Sorry for commenting again ...

Caravaggio dijo...

I thought i was losing my marbles but as mentioned file 2 is HENRYJOHNSONORGANIC.part1.rar,

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi everyone....I think everything is fixed now,I hope it works.Saludos,PPJZZ.

Cri dijo...

Hi PPJJ, yes, it is OK now.