martes, 18 de octubre de 2016


Calidad FLAC


01. Without A Song 
02. Isotope 
03. Inner Urge 
04. Black Narcissus 
05. A Shade Of Jade 
06. Step Lightly 
07. Serenity 
08. Chelsea Bridge 
09. Recordame (Recuerdame)

All songs composed and/or arranged by Joe Henderson.
Tracks 1,5, and 8 produced by Joe Henderson and Don Sickler
Tracks 2,3,4,6,7,and 9 produced by Joe Henderson and Bob Belden
Executive Producer: Richard Seidel
Recorded at Power Station, Studio C, New York, New York on March 16, 1992 and at The Hit Factory, Studio 1, New York, New York on June 24 & 26, 1996. 


Joe Henderson  Tenor Saxophone 
Chick Corea  Piano 
Christian McBride  Bass 
Jon Faddis  Trumpet 
Freddie Hubbard  Trumpet 
Nicholas Payton  Trumpet 
Lew Soloff  Trumpet 
Joe Chambers  Drums 
Al Foster  Drums 
Lewis Nash  Drums 
Slide Hampton Arranger
Dave Taylor - bass trombone
Jimmy Knepper - trombone
Idrees Sulieman - trumpet
Gary Smulyan Baritone Saxophone
Steve Wilson Alto Saxophone
Conrad Herwig Trombone
Craig Handy - tenor saxophone
Joe Temperley - baritone saxophone
Robin Eubanks - trombone
Dick Oatts - soprano & alto saxophones
Don Sickler - trumpet
Ray Vega - trumpet
Ronnie Mathews - piano
Tim Ries - tenor saxophone
Bob Belden - conductor
Michael Philip Mossman
Pete Yellen - alto saxophone

6 comentarios:

James dijo...

Beautiful album. Would you please re=up Lush Life? Thanks so for all your wonderful shares

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi James I'm sorry I don't have Lush life anymore...but I'll see what I can do...just let me a couple of days.Saludos.PPJZZ.

James dijo...

Lush LIfe was the first time I heard Christian McBride so deeply play that bass! And Henderson's solo and duets with McBride are some of my favorite tunes ever. It made me wish more players played in such varied formats - solo, duo, trio ... Saludos, Pepe!

Julián Vicente González Bueno dijo...

Que gran disco. La verdades que Henderson hilvanó un buen puñado de discos en esos años.
Saludos y gracias por tu trabajo.

pepejazzy dijo...

Hola Julián,no creo que Henderson tenga ningún trabajo malo,a mi me gusto mucho su primera época con Blue Note,también en su ultima época grabo discos acojonantes,este,en especial,fue el único en el que dirigió su propia Big-Band,una pena que no siguiera por esa un disco genial.Saludos,PPJZZ.

pepejazzy dijo...

Hi James....I agree with you.I think that kind of format helps to create more space and more interaction between players quite popular within guitar players,like Joe Pass,Jim Hall,Jimmy Raney....more rare with sax players althought I think that Sonny Rollins record a couple of works without a drummer I can remember any others who record in duo format....saludos,PPJZZ.