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SONNY ROLLINS / THE QUARTETS (The Bridge Sessions) . 1962

Calidad FLAC


01. God Bless the Child
02. John S.
03. You Do Something to Me
04. Where Are You
05. Without a Song
06. The Bridge
07. If Ever I Would Leave You
08. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.


Sonny Rollins – tenor saxophone
Jim Hall – guitar
Bob Cranshaw – bass
Ben Riley – drums
Harry "H.T." Saunders – drums (replaces Riley on "God Bless the Child")

"God Bless the Child" recorded on January 30, 1962
"Where Are You?", "John S." and "You Do Something to Me" recorded on February 13,
"Without a Song" and "The Bridge" on February 14, 1962
"If I Ever Would Leave You" (What´s New)recorded on April 18,1962
"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"(What´s New)recorded on May 8,1962.



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De nada Anonimo,a disfrutar de la musica.Saludos,PPJZZ.