miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2019


Calidad Mp3 320 Kbps


01 - Stay The Night
02 - We Can Stop The Hurtin'
03 - Hard Habit To Break
04 - Only You
05 - Remember The Feeling
06 - Along Comes A Woman
07 - You're The Inspiration
08 - Please Hold On
09 - Prima Donna
10 - Once In A Lifetime
11 - Here Is Where We Begin (bonus)
12 - Only You (Alternate Version, bonus)
13 - You're The Inspiration (Alternate Version, bonus)
14 - Prima Donna (Alternate Version, bonus)


Peter Cetera – bass guitar on "Stay the Night" and "Prima Donna" ; lead and background vocals, arrangements on "Stay the Night", "Along Comes a Woman", "You're the Inspiration", and "Prima Donna"; vocal arrangements on "Remember the Feeling"
Bill Champlin – guitars, keyboards, lead and background vocals, vocal arrangements on "Only You"
Robert Lamm – keyboards, lead and background vocals, arrangements on "We Can Stop the Hurtin'", vocal arrangements on "Only You"
Lee Loughnane – trumpet
James Pankow – trombone, horn arrangements, arrangements on "Once In a Lifetime"
Walter Parazaider – woodwinds
Chris Pinnick – guitar
Danny Seraphine – drums
Additional personnel

Jeff Porcaro – drums (uncredited) on "Stay the Night"[18]:206
Carlos Vega – drums (uncredited) on "You're the Inspiration"[18]:208
John "JR" Robinson - drums (uncredited) on "Please Hold On"[citation needed]
Michael Landau – guitar
Paul Jackson Jr. – guitar
Mark Goldenberg – guitar, additional arrangements on "Along Comes a Woman" and "Prima Donna"
Paulinho da Costa – percussion
David Foster – keyboards, synthesizer programming, synth bass, additional arrangements
John Van Tongeren – synthesizer programming
Erich Bulling – synthesizer programming
Marcus Ryle – synthesizer programming
Gary Grant – trumpet
Greg Adams – trumpet
Kenny Cetera – background vocals on "Stay the Night", "Prima Donna", "You're the Inspiration", and "Along Comes a Woman"[19]
Donny Osmond – background vocals on "We Can Stop the Hurtin'"
Richard Marx – background vocals on "We Can Stop the Hurtin'"
David Pack – duet vocals on "Here Is Where We Begin"




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