viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019


Calidad FLAC


01 - By Fire Michael Mayo
02 - Sick Talk Becca Stevens
03 - Black Hole Sun Dawn
04 - King Harvest Josh Dion
05 - Hold on Longer Gerald Clayton


Ben Wendel - Tenor Saxophone, Effects 
Shane Endsley - Trumpet, Effects 
Adam Benjamin - Rhodes, Synths 
Nate Wood - Drums, Electric Bass, Background Vocals 


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emabos dijo...

there is something wrong with dowloading, there goes one file "down" and it appears empty, or browser communicates network error.

This blog is a great job! Stay tuned!
Greetings, Emabos

pepejazzy dijo...

Everything works now,please follow this instructions :

1/ Direct to click on to "I am Not a robot" kind of thing.
2/ Your link is almost ready,wait 3 seconds ad click on "Get Link"
3/ Close two pop-ups and then you will be direct to "File4net"
4/ Click on Download and then click on the captcha
5/ Click on continue,close one pop-up......3 minutes and you will have the file on your PC.

That is step by much quicker than what its looked like.Saludos,PP