martes, 12 de febrero de 2019


Calidad Mp3 320 Kbps


01 - A Riddle Song (Overture)
02 - Song of the Universal
03 - Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand
04 - Song of Myself- I. I Celebrate Myself
05 - Song of Myself- II. A Child Said, 'What Is the Grass'
06 - Song of Myself- III. A Learner with the Simplest
07 - Song of Myself- IV. I Exist as I Am
08 - Song of Myself- V. I Am He That Walks
09 - Song of Myself- VI. Through Me Forbidden Voices
10 - Song of Myself- VII. Now I Will Do Nothing But Listen
11 - Song of Myself- VIII. I Believe a Leaf of Grass
12 - Song of Myself- IX. I Fly Those Flights
13 - Song of Myself- X. My Lovers Suffocate Me
14 - Song of Myself- XI. Why Should I Wish to See God
15 - The Mystic Trumpeter
16 - At the Close of the Day (Instrumental)
17 - To You,Perfections
18 - The Sleepers
19 - Spirit That Form'd This Scene,On the Beach at Night Alone (Interlude)
20 - After the Dazzle of Day


Ralph Alessi (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Mike Christianson (trombone)
Bruce Williamson (clarinet,alto saxophone,bass clarinet)
Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone)
Erik Friedlander (cello)
Drew Gress (bass)
John Hollenbeck (drums,percussion)
Fred Hersch (piano)
Kate McGarry (voice)
Kurt Elling (voice).




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