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Calidad FLAC


CD 1
01. Sweetheart Blues (Ellis In Wonderland)
02. Somebody Loves Me (Ellis In Wonderland)
03. It Could Happen to You (Ellis In Wonderland)
04. Pogo (Ellis In Wonderland)
05. Detour Ahead (Ellis In Wonderland)
06. Ellis In Wonderland (Ellis In Wonderland)
07. Have You Met Miss Jones (Ellis In Wonderland)
08. A Simple Tune (Ellis In Wonderland)
09. What a Difference a Day Makes (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
10. Polka Dots and Moonbeams (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
11. Blow Fiddle Blow (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
12. Blue Orchid (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
13. Gone With the Wind (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
14. Squeeze Me (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
15. You Stepped Out of a Dream (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
16. Moonlight in Vermont (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
17. If Love Is Good to Me (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)
18. Big Me Little Me (I Love John Frigo...He Swings)

CD 2
01. Pap's Blues (Nothing but the Blues)
02. Big Red's Boogie Woogie (Nothing but the Blues)
03. Tin Roof Blues (Nothing but the Blues)
04. Soft Winds (Nothing but the Blues)
05. Royal Garden Blues (Nothing but the Blues)
06. Patti Cake (Nothing but the Blues)
07. Blues for Janet (Nothing but the Blues)
08. Blues for Junior (Nothing but the Blues)
09. Goose Grease (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
10. When You're Lover Has Gone (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
11. Remember (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
12. Patricia

CD 3
01. A Country Boy (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
02. You Know (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
03. My Old Flame (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
04. People Will Say We're In Love (Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre)
05. Pickely Wickley (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
06. I Told You I Loved You Now Get Out (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
07. Cook One (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
08. Karin (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
09. Cherry Kliafa (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
10. Thank You Charlie Christian (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
11. Alexander's Ragtime Band (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
12. Lemon Twist (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
13. Everything's Pat (Thank you,Charlie Christian)
14. Working With the Truth (Thank you,Charlie Christian)

CD 4 (For Musicians Only)
1. Bebop
2. Dark Eyes
3. Wee
4. Lover Come Back


Ellis In Wonderland :

Herb Ellis – guitar
Jimmy Giuffre – baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Harry "Sweets" Edison – trumpet
Charlie Mariano – alto saxophone
Oscar Peterson – piano
Ray Brown – bass
Alvin Stoller – drums.

I Love John Frigo...He Swings :

Johnny Frigo - violin, double-bass
Dick Marx - piano, Celesta
Ray Brown - double-bass
Norm Jeffries - drums
Herb Ellis - guitar
Cy Touff - trumpet.

Nothing but the Blues :

Herb Ellis - guitar
Roy Eldridge - trumpet
Stan Getz - tenor saxophone
Ray Brown - bass
Stan Levey - drums.

Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre :

Herb Ellis - guitar
Jimmy Giuffre - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, arranger
Art Pepper, Bud Shank - alto saxophone
Richie Kamuca - tenor saxophone
Jim Hall - guitar
Lou Levy - piano
Joe Mondragon - bass
Stan Levey - drums.

Thank you,Charlie Christian :

Herb Ellis - guitar
Frank Strazzeri - piano
Harry Babasin - cello
Chuck Berghofer - bass
Kenny Hume - drums.

For Musicians Only :

Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet
Sonny Stitt - alto sax
Stan Getz - tenor sax
John Lewis - piano
Herb Ellis - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
Stan Levey - drums.

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De nada Vicky R.A.Saludos PPJZZ.

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