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2 / MILES DAVIS / CONCEPTION .1951 (Editado en 1956)

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01. Odjenar (George Russell) - 2:52
02. Hibeck (Lee Konitz)- 3:07
03. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern) - 2:27
04. Ezz-Thetic (Russell)- 2:54
05. Indian Summer (Victor Herbert)- 2:35
06. Duet for Saxophone and Guitar (Konitz) - 2:41
07. Conception (George Shearing) - 4:03
08. My Old Flame(Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston) - 6:36
09. Intoit (Stan Getz) - 3:22
10. Prezervation (Getz) - 2:44
11. I May Be Wrong(Gerry Mulligan) - 3:28
12. So What (Mulligan) - 2:44.

Note: The final track, "So What", is not the composition of the same name composed by Miles Davis from the 1959 album Kind of Blue.


June 21, 1949 (NYC) :

Prezervation :
Stan Getz - Tenor sax
Al Haig - Piano
Gene Ramey - Bass
Stan Levey - Drums.

January 6,1950 (NYC) :

Intoit :
Stan Getz - Tenor sax
Al Haig - Piano
Tommy Potter - Bass
Roy Haynes - Drums.

March 15,1950 (NYC) :

I May Be Wrong :
Don Ferrara, Howard McGhee, Al Porcino - Trumpets
J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding - Trombones
Charlie Kennedy - Alto sax
Georgie Auld, Zoot Sims - Tenor saxes
Gerry Mulligan - Baritone sax
Tony Aless - Piano
Chubby Jackson - Bass
Don Lamond - Drums.

So What :
Gerry Mulligan - Baritone sax
Zoot Sims - Tenor sax
Charlie Kennedy - Alto sax
J. J. Johnson, Kai Winding - Trombones
Tony Aless - Piano
Chubby Jackson - Bass
Don Lamond - Drums

March 8,1951 (NYC) :

Odjenar, Hibeck, Yesterdays, Ezz-Thetic :
Lee Konitz - Alto sax
Miles Davis - Trumpet
Sal Mosca - Piano
Billy Bauer - Guitar
Arnold Fishkin - Bass
Max Roach - Drums.

March 13,1951  (NYC) :

Indian Summer, Duet for Saxophone and Guitar :
Lee Konitz - Alto sax
Billy Bauer - Guitar.

October 5,1951 (Apex Studios, NYC) :

Conception, My Old Flame :
Miles Davis - Trumpet
Sonny Rollins - Tenor sax
Walter Bishop - Piano
Tommy Potter - Bass
Art Blakey - Drums.

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